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Who Am I? Who Are You?
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Tourism Writing
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Time Will Tell
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George Wallace: An Enigma

Question of Time
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Chance for Redemption
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Baiting the Hook
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To Catch a Fish
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Mary S. Palmer photoA Little About Mary

I’ve presented a petition for a posthumous pardon for Charles Boyington to the Pardon and Parole Board. Anyone wanting to sign it can print the Boyington_petition.doc and sign it and send it back to me at 4209 Aldebaran Way, Mobile, AL 36693.

Boyington Oak coverI also finished Boyington Oak: A Grave Injustice, released in late November 2019. It took extensive research but I dug out lots of new information. Article.
Boyington Oak video

TV interview with Mary!

Another TV interview with Mary:

Mary in a panel presentation 1/16/20 at Fairhope Public Library, Fairhope, AL

TIME WILL TELL has been chosen for an audio book.  I've only edited one chapter so far, but it is in the works.

My short story “The Reverend Reminisces” was published in the NEGATIVE CAPABILITY anthology Secrets;  Alabama Places in Our Hearts included “Raisin’ Cain”

My essay on my book, George Wallace: An Enigma, appears on Ezine Articles at

Although three of my published novels are science fiction, I have written and published in several other genres. These include speculative fiction, biographies, crime, mysteries and fantasy. I like to experiment and explore the unknown to see what I can produce in a different field; it takes a lot of research but I enjoy the challenge! Another challenge, and one of my personal favorites, is developing different characters and watching them come to life. Being an avid people-watcher, it’s exciting for me to see the characters personalities develop and their lives intertwine with one another. ​Hopefully, the audience will identify and relate to them as well​.

Currently, I have a few new, exciting novels in the works! My mystery thriller Fatal Entanglements is under consideration by a publisher. I hope you enjoy exploring the site and learning more about current and upcoming projects!

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