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Chance for Redemption
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Baiting the Hook
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To Catch a Fish
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Time Will Tell
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Mary S. Palmer photoA Little About Mary

Mary S. Palmer’s Mardi Gras-themed short story “Raisin’ Cain” has just won the Mobile Bay SELTI Tourism Writing Contest! Press release on Musa blog.

QUESTION OF TIME, a science-fiction novel, is available from Musa.

CHANCE FOR REDEMPTION, a fantasy novella, is available on Amazon.

My e-book, BAITING THE HOOK, the sequel to TO CATCH A FISH, both co-authored with David V. Wilton, has been released by Musa Publishing. These are thrillers set in the South.

Although my book Time Will Tell (Musa Publishing, 2012), is science fiction, I have written in several other genres. These include speculative fiction, biographies, crime, mysteries and fantasy.

A Little More
I also like to write poetry, and I wrote thirty-four poems to open chapters for The Callings. I've had several poems published in books, magazines and newspapers. Publishers Bookbyauthor published my story “The Big City—Then and Now” in their book New Orleans by New Orleans.

Toginet Radio Interview with Mary about Chance for Redemption

To Catch a Fish Trailer Video:

Time Will Tell Trailer Video:

Still More
I was inspired to write the Time Will Tell trilogy, including Question of Time (release date 5/9/14)and Time Was (to be released in 2014) for a change of genre. I like to experiment and explore the unknown to see what I can produce in a different field. It takes a lot of research but I enjoy the challenge.

My favorite thing about writing is seeing the characters come to life and being able to identify with them—love or hate them.

My fantasy novella entitled Chance for Redemption has been published and is available online at or it can be ordered in paperback from me. In it, mercenary Jerome Strait discovers that he cannot buy his way into heaven; to be redeemed, he must relive his life and correct all the mistakes he made on Earth.

My mystery thriller Fatal Entanglements and my novel Joe and Jo are under consideration by a publisher.

I am also working on A Clean Slate, coauthored with Loretta Theriot. And I have a couple of other books in different genres that I may revise.

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