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George Wallace: An Enigma, a factual account of the life of Alabama's most controversial and divisive governor, will be released very soon by Intellect Publishing.

Chance for Redemption coverTime Was (Musa Publishing, 2015)
A science-fiction novel—the third book in the Time Will Tell series


A couple, both reporters, investigate a meteor, controlled by extra-terrestrials, hitting Earth

Marital problems between newspaper reporters Mona and Rob Parker are further complicated when a meteorite controlled by extra terrestrials, the Aliens, hits in Mobile Bay near Dauphin Island as a hurricane approaches. The Aliens’ leader, Torpi, threatens to send more meteorites if his enemies, the Svarians, refuse to give him their cure for his fatal health problem.

Also, people from the planet Geria need the Svarians cure for their inherited disease, progeria. Dr. King, the Svarian leader, must decide who receives the magic formula. Later, a child in danger of death also needs it. Who will Dr. King release it to, if anybody?

Chance for Redemption coverQuestion of Time (Musa Publishing, 2014)
A science-fiction novel—the sequel to Time Will Tell

When aliens try to take over the world—starting with an attempt on the life of the President of the United States—can photo-journalist Mona Stewart Parker prevent the unthinkable from happening?

Mona’s marriage to Rob seems perfect. They share many interests: their jobs at the newspaper, a very bright son, and a home peers might envy.

Space creatures invading Earth change everything. Secrets are unveiled when Mona and Rob become their captives. In mid-conflict, where the Aliens try to force the Svarians to reveal cures for fatal diseases and the key to immortality, Rob has other issues to deal with. Illegal activity involving high-ranking politicians is about to be unveiled—and he must decide what to do about his implication. None of Rob’s choices are good. Confession could lead to divorce and a jail sentence; silence would mean living in constant fear of discovery. He will have to decide which has the less dire consequences.

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Chance for Redemption coverChance for Redemption (Westbow Press, 2013)
A fantasy novella

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When Jerome Strait is turned away from Heaven’s Gate, he’s shocked to find that he can’t buy his way into heaven. On Earth, money allowed him to have everything he wanted.

Now, he must return to earth, relive his life, and right all of his wrongs in order to be saved. Can this greedy, selfish man learn that the only lasting values are faith, hope, and love?

A guardian angel named Ezekiel is sent to help him. If Jerome fails to change and earn his redemption in the two days between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, his soul is lost forever. Will he be able to meet the challenge, or is he doomed to hell?

Baiting the Hook coverBaiting the Hook (Musa Publishing, 2012)
The sequel to To Catch a Fish
Co-author David V. Wilton

When the storms of life blow, can true love stay afloat?

Childhood friends Davey Simpson and Pokey Merrill overcame the lies that kept them apart and are now engaged to be married—and fighting to stay together and to stay alive.

Davey secretly infiltrates the KKK to protect his best friend, a black man running for governor of Alabama. Pokey secretly undergoes experimental surgery to regain the use of her legs. And both wonder if they are good enough to deserve the other’s love.

Amid murder and politics, Davey baits the hook to reel in the bad guys. Can he and Pokey survive the rough seas of insecurity, hatred and deceit? Can their love?

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Time Will Tell coverTime Will Tell (Musa Publishing, 2012)

In the inner space of outer space, an Earthling, reporter Mona Stewart, discovers that living almost forever in idleness, without challenges, is much worse than having too much to do. The only reprieve from boredom for the Svarians is outwitting the Aliens.

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“Most fascinating book … before I found your books I was reading John Grisham books. I must say yours are more fascinating. I have a hard time putting the book down to work, sleep, eat; you have a way of keeping one’s attention. Thank you …”
—Judith F. Jacob, MSgt, TNANG (Ret)

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To Catch a Fish coverTo Catch a Fish (2010)
Co-author David V. Wilton

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This novel stresses the sanctity of the sea, the importance of the Gulf waters, and lifelong loyalty and triumph over adversity.

As a young girl, Pokey has a life-threatening disease. Davey, a simple fisherman, is charged with the murder of a politician's son. Ben, Alabama's first black lieutenant governor, has to decide whether to resign to become his childhood friend's attorney.

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Quest for Forgiveness coverQuest for Forgiveness (2009)
Co-author James McEnery

(Available only from Mary) This shockingly frank autobiography bares the soul of a young boy as he progresses on a lifelong journey seeking forgiveness of alcoholic parents who abandoned him. This caused him to be relegated to growing up in an institution. Later, he also has to seek God's forgiveness and, the most difficult of all, forgiving himself.

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False Gods coverFalse Gods (2006)
Co-author Elizabeth T. Coffman, Ph.D.

The story of a man who is tempted by a quest for power. He exploits everyone to become a TV evangelist. It shows a person who made money his God and power his goal. Both became false gods.

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The Callings coverThe Callings (2003)
Co-author Loretta Theriot

A story of one man called by God and another called by the devil. Based on a true story of matricide, a teenager ends up in Angola's Louisiana State Penitentiary.

$34.95 (plus $5.00 shipping)

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MemoraMobilia coverMemoraMOBILEia:
Alabama Gulf Coast Potpourri
Co-author Elizabeth Coffman, Ph.D.


Short Stories

“Raisin’ Cain,” a Mardi Gras-themed short story, won the Mobile Bay SELTI Tourism Writing Contest.

“Double Indemnity” in Faulkner University’s literary journal, Images in Ink.

“Maggie O’Hara” in Mobile Bay Tales, edited by Tom Franklin, author of Hell at the Breech

“Dimes and Quarters” in Collected Words from Writers of the Southern Coast


As Featured On EzineArticles My essay on my upcoming book, George Wallace: An Enigma, appears on Ezine Articles at

“The Big City—Then and Now” in New Orleans by New Orleans, forthcoming from Bookbyauthor.


Included in several books and other publications.

Plays Produced

Murder, Most Southern

One Life, Much Influence—Knights of Columbus Alabama State Award 2015

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