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April 2014
I have a story coming out in Faulkner University’s literary journal, Images in Ink, entitled “Double Indemnity.” I also judged a poetry contest for Faulkner University's Mobile Campus.

I've been attending (book signings) LoDa Art Walks in downtown Mobile every 2nd Friday of each month. This is sponsored by the Mobile Arts Council.

* * *

My play, MURDER MOST SOUTHERN was produced in 2013 by the Mobile Mystery Dinner Theater.

David V. Wilton has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from Auburn University. He was an insurance claims investigator for thirty-four years and is currently the Director of Administration for the Catholic Archdiocese of Mobile. He is presently working on a new novel.

David V. Wilton, my coauthor of TO CATCH A FISH, and I have had sixty book signings and presentations. It is available from Musa Publishing Co. as an e-book. Along with my science-fiction book entitled TIME WILL TELL, To Catch a Fishs can be purchased from Musa Publishing and

Baiting the Hook, the sequel to To Catch a Fish, is now available from Musa Publishing, and Barnes and Noble.

A fantasy novella, JOE AND JO, which was originally a screenplay, is under consideration. It was awarded Third Place in the 2005 Eugene Walter Writer’s Fest

I try to post a poem for a monthly occasion and I also post a piece about writing or an essay of short story. I appreciate your comments on these.

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