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Web of Deception
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Entangled Web
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Melody of Malice
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Mojo 2: Devilry in the Delta
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Mississippi Mojo … and Murder
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Commas for Soul Searchers
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Fatal Entanglements
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Boyington Oak: A Grave Injustice
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Tourism Writing
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Time Will Tell
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George Wallace: An Enigma
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Question of Time
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Chance for Redemption
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Baiting the Hook
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To Catch a Fish
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How the Writing Works

dune photoI started writing when I was five years old and I sold my news of the small block I lived on for five cents. I sure didn’t get rich, but I had fun. Even early on, I tried different genres.

After receiving an assignment to write a biography on Governor George Wallace, that publishing company went out of business. I was left with six months of research. I had a New York agent, but the book didn’t sell. So I returned to college and used the manuscript for my master’s thesis. Another top-notch agent didn’t sell it, and a state agency that was interested closed its doors.

However, I’d learned a lot about writing as my Master’s Degree in English was with a Concentration in Creative Writing. I just happened to be the first person to receive that particular degree at the University of South Alabama.

sea oats photoDetermined to get published, I continued to write and published the books listed on my Books page.

The best advice I ever received was from Dr. Dan McDonald, one of my college professors who said, Let me hear your voice.

Writers must stay focused, write every day, revise, revise and revise. They also need to be able to take instructive criticism and persevere despite rejections. In other words, as the old saying goes, Keep on keeping on.

Finding a peaceful place to write can be helpful. I sometimes go to Gulf Shores, also called Pleasure Island (pictured above and left), and let nature awaken my muse and inspire me.

Photos by Palmer Studio, Mobile, AL.

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